Select Ads Platform and Type

Try With Google Ads For Rs.3300/20 Days

Google Ads pricing

20 Days

Text Ads

Stand in first page of Google Search
25 focused Keywords
Stand First Page of Google search
You can choose your daily budget
Minimum Dailybudget Rs.150/-
Get Instant calls & enquires daily

30 Days

Text Ads

For 30 Days on First page of Google
More than 50 Keywords Related to business
Stand on First page of Google search
Minimum daily budget Rs.200/-
Ads will be Display Google Ads & Network
Instant call and increase Brand Reputation

15 Days

Placement Ads

Image ads placing on popular websites
Related Keywords to your business category
Targeting locations and Interest of users
Images shoukd be provided by customers
Ads will be Displayed in selected websites
Increase followers and Brand Visibility

Facebook Ads pricing

Minimum 7 Days

Target Reach

Reach more people in particular location, city, state, Countries
Reach post to any Location
Get Likes and followers
Increase the attention of users
7 Days Report
Real active users interaction with Buisness

Minimum 10 days

Increase Post Views

Boost your post to real millions of audience in Facebook
Boost your post at minimum of Rs.200/-
Target interest based audience
Boost your images or videos
Get instant interaction with Peoples
Reach brand and increase Brand Reputation

Minimum 15 Days

Promote Business Pages

Reach your real localities in Facebook
Reach your local and get customers
Pricing according to your targeting location
Have you uniquie images and videos for your business
Get Followers accourding to your post interests
Increase page insight and improve views

Youtube Ads pricing

MInimum 7 Days

Increase Views

Increase your Video views and get likes for your professional videos
Organic paid views for your video
Set your video on trending
Get viewed by millions of peoples
100% real user profile reach
Target any country to reach videos
10 ad campaing and monitorization

MInimum 7 Days

Intro Ads

Place your video as Intro video in Youtube and Reach Millions of People
Place your video ads in popular channels
Place your video ads in Skip youtube
Promote video in Interest base ads
Get more youtube Subscribers
Reach brand and increase Brand Reputation
25 ad campaing and monitorization

MInimum 7 Days

Promote Your Channels

Promote your youtube channel to audience and Get subscribers and Videos
Promote channel and get new subscribers
Get more views from Promotion
15 or 30 sec videos needed for intro
Ads will be Displayed in Youtube
Increase followers and Brand Visibility
40 ad campaing and monitorization

Promote Your Website in Google Ads for 20 days @ Rs.3300/Only

Google Ads throught Your City,State or Country. Target users to their interest


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